Saipan Ultimate: Land and Sand 2016

This November we are hosting the ultimate Ultimate Frisbee Tournament right here on our awesome beautiful tropical island of Saipan! We’ve got it all: warm weather, soft sand, beautiful sunsets, and crazy tourists with their silly antics. Taste of paradise right here. 

These two days of frisbee-ing will take place on November 12-13. One day will be on field, one day on the beach. Saturday is a 7v7 land hat tournament and Sunday we will mix it up for a 6v6 Beach hat tournament. Registration is capped at 66 people, priority for slots goes to people that are playing both days. There will be a theme party on Saturday night and a Beach party Sunday (Don’t forget the swimwear!) Registration fee will be $40 and our deadline to register is October 30th . This sum will cover the cost of breakfast and lunch both days, adult refreshments all day Sat and til 1pm when Godfathers Beach Bar opens on Sunday, and a special take home gift for each player.

Our party theme this year is “Politrick'n” in honor of our country’s straight up wacky campaign season. Lets join in on the insanity and make it fun and tolerable! Corrupt politicians, crazy dictators, naughty mistresses around the world all fair game. We’re having our very own election 2016 for best costume, winner will be dubbed new frisbee political party president so don’t forget to cast your votes. Or dance battle it out. Whatever. 

Registration fees can be paid in advance to Trey Dunn or Amanda Allen at Saipan Ultimate, or to ____ (wait where is PBuff when you need him) on Guam. Players from elsewhere can pay upon arrival. For more information or questions contact Trey Dunn. 

Coming from off-island? We (Natalie Beyer aka Hill) can help make arrangements for your accommodations.

Tournament details: 10 Nov 01:21

Saturday Field: Marpi Baseball Field. Directions go North until you see the go cart track turn right its behind that wall.

Time: 8am for team meeting and warmup or what ever. Games will start promptly at 8:30am. THIS IS NOT ISLAND TIME!

Sunday Field: Fiesta Beach
Time: Announced on Sat. if you...

What to bring and stuff... 10 Oct 02:00

Dont forget to bring a WHITE and BLACK shirt on Saturday. Other things that are not necessary but you probably want to bring one or both days are cleats (Sat), water bottle, folding chair, cash for extra stuff like drinks after 1pm on Sun, excitement, yeah bring your excitement, $10...